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Winning with Blogs

If you haven't started blogging, please start this week.

At the bottom of your member resources webpage (link below) there are tools to help you churn out blogs quickly and without stress.

If you don't know what to blog about:

  • look at your competitor’s blogs. Copy their blogs but make yours better

  • scroll through your social media posts and pick a topic that you've posted about and expand on it for a blog post

  • use one or all of these tools:

... ... . or type into Google something to do with your industry and see what populates and write about that.

If you are blogging, go back to your old blogs and update them, even if you rearrange a sentence or two... this is good enough.

The more you blog, and update old blogs, the more likely you will get to the front page of Google.

If you don't blog, you will NEVER get to the front page of search engines!

The only other way to get your website to the front page when someone types in your keywords, is to pay for Ads or to get many backlinks from high domain authority (DA) websites like Forbes or say channel 9 or say from review websites, and from FindHer Directory in the future when I blog like a crazy woman to get the Directory a high DA so it sits at the top of page one.

When I publish the Directory I will blog three times a week!!! I won't have time to blog this much because it takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours to write a blog. I’ll be using jasper to churn out blogs with ease …. and when the Directory makes revenue I’ll be employing someone to use Jasper to write blogs for the website every single day.

We know that no one goes to page 2 of Google, and we know people trust brands more if their websites are at the top of page one.

Do you want to be at the top of page one?

If you do …. you need to blog ALL THE TIME using killer headlines (H1) to hook the reader in and you need to fill your blogs with words that a potential customer will type into Google to find you. Tools like Jasper help you do this.

Rightio …..This may sound harsh …. but if you’re not blogging you are being selfish, because ..

…. … . there are people out there who need your products or service offering to make their life easier, to make their life less stressful, or to simply make their life more pleasurable…

…. and they’re willing and motivated to buy the thing you’ve worked so hard on to create for them.

Winning with blogs!


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