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Do you want to start a business and are stuck for ideas?

For only $4.99 Discover one hundred and one expertly crafted, tried, and tested ChatGPT prompts for business ideas that solve problems in various highly profitable niches.

This ChatGPT prompt playbook, created by Master of Marketing Karley Beadman at FindHer Online ...

The playbook is a treasure trove of 101 meticulously crafted, battle-tested prompts designed to ignite your creativity and spark business ideas across multiple niches. You can switch out the target markets, niches and problems with your ideas because your unique skills and capabilities play a defining role in your business's success.

Unlock Unlimited Business Opportunities:

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and dive into a world of endless possibilities. This PDF downloadable playbook is your gateway to diverse business ideas catering to emerging trends, pressing social issues, and untapped market gaps.

Innovate and Elevate:

Tap into the AI-driven expertise of ChatGPT to take these prompts to the next level. Choose a prompt that resonates with you, paste it into ChatGPT, and watch as it generates unique and fresh business ideas tailored to your preferences.

Solutions for Every Vision:

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or someone passionate about being your own boss, this playbook offers prompts spanning industries, demographics, and challenges. You're bound to find prompts that align with your interests and expertise.

Why Choose This Playbook?

Expertly Curated:  Most playbooks currently flooding the market are made by people who don’t have an academic background in strategic marketing and who do not have a proven track record of building million-dollar brands. This playbook was created by Karley Beadman MMktg, CPM MAMI, and refined by the power of AI. Each prompt is a spark waiting to ignite your next big idea.


Proven Success: These prompts have already inspired numerous successful businesses – now it's your turn to join the ranks of innovative entrepreneurs and beat others to the market.


Time-Efficient: Skip the exhaustive brainstorming sessions. With this playbook for ChatGPT, you don’t have to learn prompt engineering; Karley has done the hard work for you.


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