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Influencers who aren't really people of influence - use tools to spot a fake

In the quest to help all my beautiful members at FindHer Online Business Directory get quick wins and after hearing disappointing stories from a couple of members about being fooled into giving products to people so they can promote your brand or paying cold hard cash to Influencers who aren't really people of influence ...

.... I decided to go on the hunt for software to help with Influencer marketing.

I found one tool that has raving reviews. It's called Influencify.

I found more tools with raving reviews. The suggested other tools are expensive but, like I said, they have raving reviews.

If you want to try your hand at Influencer marketing .... and like the feeling of knowing you're dealing with a 'professional' then ...

click here to see four recommended tools and on this webpage I've included two tools that you can use to find out if people have fake followers AND you can also see the engagement rate in those accounts. Perfect for spying on your competitors.



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