Do you have a box full of receipts 🧾 and stressing out 😰 about how to do bookkeeping .... and there’s no way you want to pay for expensive accounting software or learn the software or pay for a bookkeeper?
Grab my easy to use Excel bookkeeping spreadsheet ... it comes with a quick instructional video so you’ll have your bookkeeping, P&L and tax obligations done in a matter of hours !!
PS. I created the spreadsheet 11 years ago and have been using and tweaking it since. Over 200 women are now using the spreadsheet and learning off the YouTube video .... ... . . and they LOVE ❤️ them ... 

Here's what Holly said about the spreadsheets:

"Your bookkeeping spreadsheet is a work of art and perfect for smaller businesses that don't want to incur the cost of bookkeeping software

You have taken the headache out of bookkeeping and made it easy to see your GST reporting information. 

I'm sure that many people will benefit from your hard work.  It is much appreciated."


Holly Lagerberg

Right Now Admin Solutions

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 👉🏼 STEP 1

Watch the step-by-step instructional video:

🎬 👩‍💻 🐈

"This video is a must watch for all women who own a small business!


This simple and easy to follow tutorial shows you everything you need to know on book keeping.

Tax time used to be extremely overwhelming and stressful for me but not anymore!

Thanks to Karley’s spreadsheets and tutorial! 

I finally feel in control of my books which is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Take 30 minutes out of your day to sit down and watch this video, you won’t be disappointed. 

This woman has changed my life, I hope that she will change yours to. 

Thank you so much Karley I can’t thank you enough 😊"

Gold Coast Entrepreneur

Kaytee Chop

Kirra Beauty Collective

Kirra Beach Cottage

Tiny Bullis

Dream Cleaners

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 👉🏼 STEP 2

If you are not registered for GST

If you are registered for BAS

To purchase the tax-deductible spreadsheet and save time and money instantly ....

The spreadsheet will download directly to your computer or phone

Use your Promo Code on the Checkout Cart page ✨

If you don't have a Promo Code, message me 💬 and I'll send you one.

If you don't have Excel, no worries. Simply right-click on the download and >Open as Google Sheets

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

 👉🏼 STEP 3

If you get stuck and need to ask a question:

👉🏼 Send Karley a private message on 💬 Facebook Messenger

👉🏼 Go to YouTube and leave a comment 😃 and I will reply to you in the Comments section of YouTube . . . because what you ask or say will no doubt help other lady small business owners 👯‍♀️


👉🏼 Email me directly at

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

This is amazing and takes the stress out of everything. You are so clever and this will help whoever uses it!!!.

Everyone truly needs this!

Many thanks again 🙏"


Kirsty Savage

Review via YouTube

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"Year after year, at tax time, I pour over paper receipts and go back through all my online purchases and PayPal transactions to manually write down all my expenses

..... Karley has made this process so much simpler and less time consuming with her spreadsheet - and for IT challenged people like me, her tutorial is invaluable  !!!!  Thank you so much Karley !  Godsend !!"

Alli Schleef

Collective Keepsake Co

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Use your Promo Code on the Checkout Cart page ok

The purchase is a TAX DEDUCTION

Beadman MMktg, MAMI CPM, B.Ed

 👉🏼 STEP 4

If it's your time to shine .... click >HERE< and let's get you drowning in diamonds.

Business Australia Member Karley Beadman


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