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Trust in Yourself

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

"Do one thing every day that scares you."

I'm taking this to believe that doing things that scare us will help us:

  1. trust ourselves more,

  2. become more resilient, and

  3. gain more confidence.⁣

This is what scares me today ....⁣

I'm scared about launching my lead generation campaign on Facebook Ads. ⁣

Am I supposed to be scared as I throw a big chunk of my change at the sugar mountain social media empire? Au contraire! ⁣

I'm EXCITED* because when I look at my offering (my membership marketing club) I know, in my heart of hearts, it's a valuable product .... ⁣

and let's get real here .... I've been doing market research for three years now to create this ideal product/market fit.⁣

Soooo .... so what if my FB lead gen campaign fails the first, second, third etc etc time around? I will simply have to change a variable in each part of the campaign: ⁣

  • artwork ⁣

  • headline ⁣

  • copy ⁣

  • call-to-action ⁣

  • placement ⁣

  • targeting⁣

I TRUST I can do this. I'm confident I can without⁣

the ⁣

overwhelm ⁣




Of course, I'm scared .... however, there's virtually no difference, physiologically, between the sensations and symptoms of fear and excitement.⁣

Perhaps the former first lady should have said, "Do one thing every day that excites you".⁣

Trust in the you of now in your exciting day :)⁣



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