The  FindHer way of creating an online course.

with Karley Beadman MMktg, AMAMI CPM, B.Ed


Thank you for visiting this webpage. We're all busy so let's get straight into:


  • what I'm selling my "Building Strong Brands" course for;

  • why I'm not selling it to you; and,

  • how my teaching you how to build a strong brand will be beneficial for everyone.

The final price of my first signature course, "Building Strong Brands", will be $4497 and you don't need to pay the $4497 for the course! for me to guide you on how to build a highly successful and profitable business. 


Because ....


I'm not selling you my signature course.


It isn't ready because I don't want to make this signature course without your help.


I'll explain why in a minute, but first, let me say ….


I could sit here at my computer surrounded by my books, journals, notebooks, folders & files and create videos and powerpoint slides for you and upload them into my online learning school portal. I could hold your hand and walk you through my proven brand-building framework and guide you every step of the way. 


This framework, or roadmap if you like, was conceptualised from my: 

  • 20 years as an entrepreneur and Founder of many brands in different industries; and my 

  • theoretical knowledge as a Master of Marketing with Distinction; and then

  • applied over and over again in my practical experience as a -

    • Marketing Manager,

    • Content Creator,

    • Digital Brand Manager, and

    • Search Engine Optimisation Specialist ...


.... to create, protect and nurture brand equity, to generate sales and to get brands to page 1 of Google.

I could give you my established framework in the form of an online course and I could give you all my tools, templates and resources too. But I don't want to (not just yet).


Because, each time I look at the course outline (the roadmap for brand-building) I think to myself, this course isn't PERSONALISED ENOUGH FOR YOU.  

With my framework and your dedication to implementing it within your business, you WILL achieve success, but, as I said, it's not personalised enough for you.


The thing is ... everyone is at a different stage in their brand-building efforts. And for some, they haven't even started yet.


Anyway, I went and had a squiz at other online courses because we all must, as business owners, be fully aware of the competitive landscape. 


My business model isn't the same as every other course creator. No frickin' way.


Other course creators make their courses based on assumptions about their students, resulting in a generalised course with a total lack of personalisation.


And some course creators sell their courses and, lo and behold, slowly drip feed the lessons to their students because .... yessiree, they create their course AFTER they sold their course to their unsuspecting students.


The thing with this latter business model is - it's not an honest way to sell an online course. Plus, students, in general, don't like to be drip-fed courses and understandably so. They've paid for it, so they deserve the whole kit and caboodle, right?!


The way I'm going to teach you how to build a highly successful business is like this ….


I'm going to personally answer all your business and marketing questions! Yes, every single one of them.


You'll have direct personal access to me and a support group.


I'm limiting the number of ladies in tier 1 intake to sweet 16.

There'll be weekly live Q&As, or bi-weekly if you request this. Plus I'll be offering weekly group coaching based on your business & marketing questions. You get to choose how often you wish to attend.


With the Q&As and group coaching, you'll start getting value right away. With regards to the group coaching, I'll be asking you these types of questions:


  1. Where are you up to?

  2. What do you need help with?

  3. What did you do last week?

  4. What are you doing this week?

  5. What have you got planned for next week?

  6. Do you have any questions?


I usually charge $350 per hour or $2250 a day for marketing strategy coaching. But when you join in tier 1 as one of the Founding Students...


The cost is only $497


Yes, you read right. $497. As in real money. And it's only $497. Plus the $49.70 GST. Yay you say .... because it's an educational expense and a tax-deduction and you get the GST back on your next BAS. And don't worry if you're not registered for GST. We'll jump straight into tax obligations and bookkeeping for business and we'll have you set up in no time.


For a savings of $4,000, you will be given lifetime membership/access to the signature course. Plus, you'll be getting all your questions answered in the support group for as long as you want (this means forever)!


If you join as a Founding Student, you're not sharing me with everyone so you'll get A LOT OF PERSONALISED HELP


It's a no brainer offer.


For $497 you get direct support and guidance from me personally … because I want to create my course together with you.


I'll be creating Masterclasses entirely on your specific 'right now' needs and wants:

  • What are you personally struggling with right now?

  • What obstacles are right there in front of you right now?

  • What particular issues are you trying to work out right now?


From your questions, I'll produce for you the Masterclasses.


Plus, I'll be doing Live Masterclasses on the topics you've told me your struggling with that week. These will be uploaded to the support group. Plus, I'll strategically weave in my proven brand-building blueprint and teach you strategies that you must do to create your competitive advantage and succeed in the marketplace.


I'll be teaching you all the tech too so you can go about doing "stuff" on the computer competently. 

I'll be teaching you latent skills that business owners should know, even if you hire staff or outsource to do these skills. Eg. copywriting, product photography, web design, social media strategies, PR, graphic design, bookkeeping, etc etc and etc..


I'll be teaching you everything I know. As you get to know me you'll discover that I know more about how to build strong brands than 99.9% of business owners. And I'm giving you all my knowledge for a mere $497. 

Who Are You_




Who Are You_



Who Are You_



Who Are You_



Who Are You_

While all of this is happening, I'll be creating my signature course for you, without any stress, ensuring it is the best possible course and of the highest quality. In essence, the course will be exactly what you want and need, but in reality, you'll learn in real-time. 


As with everything in life, the future is always uncertain. With lifetime access to the signature course (remember it's only $497), you'll get to go back into it at any time.


You may be second-guessing why I'm offering so much value for only $497 because we know if something is too good to be true, it generally is. Well here's the thing .... you'll have to go on the waitlist to get instant access to the signature course because it's going to take 18 weeks for me to create it.


There'll be only 16 Founding Members in tier 1.

One spot is already taken by Vanessa. Hello Vanessa 💙 from indo gingo, I'm over the moon you decided to join me in "Building Strong Brands".


After 6 weeks from the start date with my first 16 Founding Students, I'll open up another 16 spots and repeat the course creation process with these students, but I'll be charging them $997. Rinse and repeat again and upping the price to $1497 for the next 16 students. Fantastic value for each and every group intake considering the course will be priced at the fair and reasonable price of $4497 for all students thereafter.


So it will take 18 weeks in total to create the signature course with my three tiers of students. 


What I have explained is - my business model for course creation. 

This business model is the honest way to create a course and it will deliver to you precisely what you've asked for during your time with me in the support group. Plus you're the luckiest of the lucky ones because you get to remain in the support group from the get-go.


I always say to my clients that great brands are never built overnight.


Building a great brand takes grit.


It takes learning, experimenting, reflection and clear foresight. It takes market research and creative thinking to devise the perfect product/market fit. I'm taking my own strategic advice with my business model.

Please know I only discovered the opportunity to create online courses after I searched for opportunities out there in the big wild world. 


What I learnt - online courses are booming.


What we all know - most new business ventures fail. 

First Year

in business

One in three fail

If you make it past

year 1

Half fail

During the Third & Fourth Years

in business

Three out of four will have closed their doors for good

When I combined the fact that there's a 21% growth rate in online learning and new businesses are failing and they're failing fast, it makes even more sense to offer strategic business and marketing help in a flexible and dynamic way. And in a way that is congruent with my personal values, whilst building trust with my darling Founding Students. 

You see, I don't have to lie about having a course to be of value to you.

In all honesty, what I'm creating with my Founding Students is not precisely an online course. 

It's more of a really affordable personalised business & marketing program with an ever-growing library of assets in the form of lessons to support my students at every stage of their business.


Truth be told, the signature course, let's call it 'Building Strong Brands 1.0' won't be finished within the 18 weeks with 3 x tier groups of students. The course won't ever be completed. 




Because you, as a business owner and a forever marketing student of mine, will always need more questions answered when your business grows, then peaks and then declines.


You will inevitably be faced with many challenges in the future, notably in your second and subsequent years when YOUR business doesn't fail ..... no no no!


I'll be teaching you the strategies on how to jam-pack your business with so much delicious brand equity and, therefore, your competitive advantage WILL BE sustainable, and YOU WILL be highly successful, and YOU WILL be financially independent. And ......... you're brand vision WILL, at the very least, start to take shape.


All you have to do is ask for help, and I'll be here to help you. I'll be here updating and working on my course "Building Strong Brands" ... for you.


16 spots




16 spots



16 spots



Full Price of course





> > > I'll be accepting 16 students only < < <












🟡 PLUS 🟡

(exclusive to Tier 1 students ONLY)



Only 16 spots in total are available so join the group of ladies who have already popped their names on the waitlist.


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If in doubt, read about You & I.


Beadman MMktg, AMAMI CPM, B.Ed

When the Building Strong Brands 1.0 online course is published after we make it together and it's ready to take in full tuition-paying students, if you refer someone and they become one of my students, I will give you $1007.00 for every referral, up to 10 referrals per intake.

That's over $10,000 free money ... for you.

It feels good to share