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The Future of eCommerce

social commerce is what you do

No Website. No Worries.

Are you a new brand hungry to start making BIG FAT sales?

Are you struggling to put together funds to create a BIG FAT click-worthy website that is 100% on-brand, and has the necessary:

  • clear calls-to-actions

  • about us page

  • contact us page

  • terms and conditions

  • privacy policy

  • shipping & return policy

  • blog

  • FAQ

  • links to your social media platform

  • beautiful product photography

  • captivating product descriptions

  • customer testimonials

  • easy to use and trustworthy payment gateway




I have ⚡️ good news ⚡️ for you ....


Of course I'm not advocating you shouldn't have a website. You have to have a website like you have to start building an email list ... and the list of the have-to-haves becomes exhausting,

I KNOW ....

but if you're stuck in a puddle here today with your beautiful new products and EVERYONE is telling you this, "you have to have a website if you want to make sales." Well, you don't.

Honestly, in my heart of hearts, you don't.

All you need are the free platforms you're probably already using:

Selling via these platforms is called social commerce.

It's an industry set to reach 315.5 billion dollars worth of sales this year (source: digitalcommerce360), and I don't want you missing out on a chunk of that change.

Choose ONE social media platform to start your social commerce venture TODAY.

Yes ... just one. Don't go diluting your efforts. Pick one and concentrate on getting to know how to set-up-shop on that platform.

Instagram and Pinterest provide the smoothest social commerce experiences (source: emarketer) for your darling customers ... and if you want to sell into China (I can see you're nodding your head here), you'll want to set up a WeChat Store.

Here's the thing ..... brands offering differentiated products and aspirational imagery are best suited for the social commerce environment.

If you invest time now to 'set-up shop' on social media, while the trend is still in its early stages, you'll future proof your sales .... even if you don't have a website.




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