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I Want it Now

This is true for all of us because we live in the digital age where, for instance, instead of going to a library to go through microfiche (okies, I'm showing my age here), we do an online search to immediately find the information we need.

The information or entertainment we want is now 'instant', and this has changed our behaviour.

We have become less patient.

And when we are online, if we don't get the information immediately; we type, swipe, scan and switch to the information we seek.

We have become addicted to instant gratification.

We have become addicted to speed.

As Kit Yarrow famously said, in her book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and Why We Shop and Buy,

"I want what I want when I want it .... and I want it now."

And this has never been more true when we arrive on a website that LOADS SLOWLY.

You and I both know what we do.

In a flash, we close that website and click on the next one on the list of suggestions by Google.

In fact, if your website takes more than two and a half seconds to load, one in every four visitors won't be hanging around waiting for your website to appear on their screen.

Okay. I'll wait 3 seconds for you to check how long your website takes to load. Tick-tock.

If it's taking more than 2.5 seconds, you will not only lose 25% of potential sales or conversions; you'll disappoint Google.

Trust me .... the LAST thing you want to do is disappoint Google.

One of the things, actually, the very top thing this search engine looks for when scanning your website is this ....

How well does your website deliver a beautiful and seamless customer experience (UX)?

If your website loads slowly, it is not delivering this UX, and your potential customers will bounce away because, after all, they're an impatient bunch.

One quick way to giddy up the loading time of your website is to optimise your images.

Optimising your images is just a fancy way of saying... make your pictures or videos smaller. Not smaller as in dimensions or resolution because you don't want teeny-weeny images that are too hard to see or images that are fuzzy, especially if you have an online store. By smaller, I mean you need to compress your images.

Compress Your Website Images to Improve your SEO

And lucky for us, there are free online tools that compress our images ... in an instant :)

I used to use Shutterstock's Image Resizer -

But then I discovered - because it's a little less 'chunky'.

Then a lovely lady named Emma, reached out to me and suggested I include in this blog. I tried it and it works a treat.

To learn more about how to resize images for your website or to find other image compression tools ... click >here<

Now for some marketing talk ...

Your top priority as the custodian of your business is to continually create sources of competitive advantage, because ....

There's a lot of competition on the internet, especially in a low-barrier-to-entry marketplace. Therefore, if your product or service offering is similar to other offerings on the web, it simply makes good business sense to offer a beautiful and seamless UX, so you don't lose a quarter of your customers to your competition.

A fast loading website will not offer your business a sustained competitive advantage, but it will give your potential customers what they want when they want it, and they want it now ... and you will please Google too.


Yarrow, K. (2014). Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and Why We Shop and Buy. Wiley. It's a great read ....I read it. I loved it. Get it here ...

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