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Is free as a freelancer?



Barun Mohanty, Freelancing Coach,

Answered June 26, 2019


Absolutely FREE !

I used the platform for about 4 years. Never got delay payments and never had any issues.

The only issue I had was, I had multiple accounts (As I was running a whole business) so Freelancer blocked all accounts (You can’t have multiple accounts) of mine few years ago and I had to start from scratch.

Then I had to start from scratch and picked some more clients. And I did it.

It didn’t cost me a single penny.

Why do new freelancers think it’s chargeable?

Because Freelancer website advertise their premium membership frequently to new freelancers.

New freelancers think bidding is everything.

Let me tell you the truth, you can’t get projects/ through bidding as a newbie. This is what new freelancers do wrong.

Acquiring clients doesn’t require bids at all. You can do it for free through contests.

Barun Mohanty's answer to How do I get freelancer projects?

Still I have an account (yoursalespitch) left registered in 2015 I think. My last project was I think 2–3 years ago just to pick clients.

You can check that out too.

I never bid. It’s still FREE for me. And freelancer never charged me just using their platform.

Atindra Singh, Founder at DesignByAtin (2013-present)


Short Answer: No,

Long Answer:

Yes, It’s free for freelancers to signup on Freelancer

 and free to start applying and bidding on projects. But they provide you chance to apply for 8 jobs a month only, since you get only 8 bids per month as a free membership plan.

Nobody wants to waste money on newbies. So, I will advice to make a strong portfolio and write a good introduction about your services. Place your good photo on profile with smile or you can put there an attractive logo which speaks out your skills.

In portfolio, place images of the projects you have already worked on. This gives employer confidence that you are serious and genuine freelancer and would work on their project seriously and finish it as per their requirement.

Make a website on wordpress or any other free portal and make your portfolio on those free website.

Now proceed ahead only when you have done all as mentioned above. Wait for few weeks when freelancer provides you a promotional offer of one month free upgrade to their membership plan. They would provide you some 100 to 300 bids in that upgrade. It’s time to upgrade and DON’T forget to add a reminder in your phone to cancel the promotional offer before they would renew it. I repeat TO CANCEL THE MEMBERSHIP BEFORE IT RENEWS (in 28 days or whatever free days has been provided by Freelancer

 ). If you won’t cancel then your balance would go in negative on Freelancer, which would further be taken out from your earnings. Or, it would be debited from your credit/debit card which would have been attached to Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs . If you are charged renewal fees then do write an email to their customer support or raise a request on their website General | Freelancer Support , in most of the cases they would refund the charged amount as first time courtesy. I have got refunded some times.

Now, the most important point is that you have those 28 days. Apply on each and every bids which is related to your field and bid very intelligently with lowest price possible to work. Some clients literally lured with cheap prices. Write a well composed proposal and explain your skill sets and experiences. If possible, write in your proposal that you would provide the initial concept/drawing/image even before they offer this job to you. Hence they would get interested in you and would surely go to provide you work due to lower cost.

Put all your effort, do very hard work smartly. Don’t try to fool your client. Give him comfort to make some changes even if the project has been finished. Hence you would build up a long term relationship.

So finally my friend, nothing is free in this world, we must understand the fact. They are charging to provide you a platform where you could get some projects. There is nothing bad to provide them some commission (10% is charged as a project fee as soon as you accept the project, which would be cut from your earnings).

I am a full time freelancer. To get an idea, you can visit my profile here as “DesignByAtin” Freelancer - DesignByAtin

 . Visit my portfolio website DesignByATIN .

How do I get freelancer projects?

Stop bidding first.

Bidding and begging for projects won’t take you any where.

They want you to bid because they want your membership fees.

Would you agree?

Here is what you must do:

Do you have a portfolio?

Don’t say you don’t have it.

No body is going hire you or trust you if you don’t have a portfolio.

You must start making your portfolio right now if you really want some real money from freelancing.

How many FIVE STAR feedbacks do you have?

If you have some, that’s not enough.

If your clients give feedback like “Get freelancer”, “Nice job”… that’s not enough.

You must ask your clients to give a long feedback at least 2, 3 line feedback ending with “Will hire again”.

How do you pitch?

“Please give me the project.” Like this?

You must pitch the direct plan. How much time will it take you. What is your master plan for the project. Take interest.

If you are new:

Do a project for free.

Ask like “Can I do it for free in exchange of a good feedback?”

No body gives you a single penny until you have social proof.

Why would they?

If you are participating in a contest just tell the client “I will finish your project within a day if you choose me the winner.”

Ask questions “How is my work? Can I have a feedback? What can I do more to make it perfect?”

Engage with the client. Keep him busy so he can have his focus on your work.

After asking for many edits, do you think he will choose someone else?

I told “Don’t bid”. Then what is the alternative?

Play contests.

If you are new, bidding is just waste of time.

Be confident.

Compete with the world’s best freelancers.

Beat them and win the contest.

After winning the contest, stay in touch with the client for more projects.

Stay connected with WhatsApp, Skype, social media etc.

Everybody wants to work with the freelancers with who they worked before. No body wants to go to a freelancing platform and recruit again.

Freelancing can get you thousands of dollars sitting at home if you do it right.

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