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How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel yourself, log in to your Member's Area, go to My Subscriptions and click on Cancel Subscription. Alternatively, email to cancel your membership. If cancelled over the weekend, cancellations will be taken care of on the Monday morning. Office hours are 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

What do I get for seven dollars?

You receive one month's Club Membership and all the BENEFITS and BONUSES listed above under New To Business Hub for the life of your membership. There is absolutely no obligation to pay $7 every month to access The Seven Dollar Express Business Set Up™️ Course. You only need to pay the very low $7 once, and you will receive: ❤︎ Lifetime access to The Seven Dollar Express Business Set Up™️ Course with step-by-step instructions & video tutorials. ❤︎ Editable & Printable Business Set-Up Checklist Workbook (because who doesn't love a checklist) . ❤︎ Digital Badge and Award Certificate
❤︎ Findher Social Media Content Planner™️ (valued at $17)
❤︎ The Edible Social Media Post Template Bundle (valued at $59)
❤︎ One month's free listing in Women's Business Directory (valued at $11) ❤︎ Guaranteed Social Media Growth

How do I get away with only paying $7 once?

That's easy, and here's how:

  1. select the New To Business Hub above, sign up and pay the $7 (Australian Dollars not USD);
  2. access the online course and download the workbook; and
  3. enjoy an entire month of the incredible benefits of a supportive community group.
Refer to the question above for more information (What do I get for seven dollars?) Cancel your membership within 28 days, no questions asked.

What will I have achieved, exactly, when I finish The Seven Dollar Express Business Set Up™️ Course?

You will be the proud owner of a new business in Australia that can legally operate and make sales wahoooo! You will have, without the confusion and stress:

  • an ABN;
  • validation and registration of your business name;
  • the legal business structure that is perfect for you at this time set up with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ... it sounds scary, but it's not;
  • trademarking information and what insurances you need;
  • a website URL regsitered;
  • a website set up with your contact details and/or a landing page with an opt-in form to collect email address and/or a blog set up;
  • Google My Business account correctly set up so you can start ranking in search engines;
  • social media accounts set up;
  • the 'must-have' tools and resources to help you tell your brand story beautifully and quickly;
  • the tech/administrative/paperwork side of your business organised and neatly set up in the cloud for free, so you'll never be looking for files and documents again on your computer or phone.
All of this ☝🏻can be done in less than 2 hours, with my fast-track formula. You will also have:
  • access to my Branding Kit for the creation of your logo and other branding elements.

How long will it take me to finish the The Seven Dollar Express Business Set Up™️ Course.

This is express course will fast-track you, without the confusion and stress, to having your business set up online and legally within a 2 hours of computer time. There is no other easy to follow instructional step-by-step course like this in the world, created by a Certified and fully insured Marketing professional in Australia. If you have any questions (remember no question is a dumb question) please post them in our supportive community group.

I'm not so great on the computer, will there be help on this?

Yes. YES! You are given very clear instructional videos and resources. Simply follow the step by step process and you won't make any mistakes. I show you exactly where to press, what to type in and why! If high level business or marketing terms are used, they will be explained clearly so you will never be confused.

Should I become a $7 Member or a $47 Founding VIP Member?

As with everything in life, the choice is yours. Ideally, you will need your business legally set up within Australia to get the most benefit out of the Marketing Club. This can be done within our $7 New To Business Hub. However, if you have a business idea and you're ready to properly validate your idea and learn everything about business and marketing (but aren't quite ready to commit to setting up a business) then the VIP Member Club WILL BE PERFECT FOR YOU. If you're not sure, sign up to the $7 New To Business Hub and upgrade to the Markeing Club at any time.


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