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Logo Design


Option 1

HIRING A GRAPHIC DESIGNER via facebook groups


A graphic designer from a Facebook Group charges under $100 for a logo. To find out if this is actually possible, I joined a graphic design networking group and posted a poll. 

Graphic Designers on Facebook Groups cha
Graphic Designers Facebook Groups

Join graphic design networking groups on Facebook.


There's plenty of groups.


To find a group,  group and join their community and post a job.


It's as simple as that.

Another option is to join business networking groups.


Engage with the community and again, post a job for logo creation.


Always be transparent and state your budget is under $100.

For a more personalised custom logo design for your business, created by a professional graphic designer, will be around the $350 to $450 mark. You might want to check out:

The $99 - $450 cost to hire a local graphic designer may seem expensive to some or a great deal to others.
Like with all great deals you need to ask yourself why you're getting a great deal. The reason is really neither here nor there. 
What is important is the quality of the logo and whether or not it truly represents your brand's personality, amongst other things.

Before you engage the services of a freelancer, ask to see their portfolio. Do you like the designer's work?

Will they supply you with these files?

  • a high-resolution PNG logo (for your digital use)

  • high-resolution JPEG logo (ready for print)

  • Vector PDFs

  • the source file - original Adobe Photoshop or Illustration file with unmerged

  • Font files for you to upload onto your computer (click here to learn how to upload fonts to your computer)

  • Colour Palette

If the freelancer's price is <$99 - - - it's highly likely they'll create something generic. Or worst still, they'll outsource the job to Fiverr and pocket the difference.


To protect yourself from ending up white a generic logo, offer 50% deposit (the industry standard) then pay the balance upon completion of the work. 


If the freelancer doesn't produce quality work and doesn't supply you with the necessary 6 files listed above, then you only lose say $50 to $175. Is it worth the risk?

This next option is heaps cheaper and comes with no risk. Read on my friend .... 


Outsource the logo creation from a freelancer for $11.50 from fiverr 


$11.50 for a logo from a freelancer on Fiverr !?! ... it's true!

Fiverr's promise is cheaper-than-cheap prices. They are a direct threat to freelancing graphic designers in Australia because they produce the same work, for a tenth of the cost. 

"Fiverr has pretty much taken the world of online freelancing by storm" (website planet).

Fiverr's business model is robust, and real people with real skills offer their services there. However .....

always remember that price is indicative of quality. This means that price serves as a reference point of how good, or not, your new logo from a freelancer on Fiverr will be. 

You will know doubt be asking what sort of logo you will get for $11.50? Click here and see for yourself.

Fiverr offer a full refund if you're not happy with the work.


ENGAGE A design agency

The cost to get your entire business identity precisely right and professionally branded will be around the $3500 mark. Whoa! For this price you will receive the ultimate brand identity package:

● All the file types listed above
● A detailed Style Guide that shows your logo in different formats and layouts
● A colour palette
● Pattern ideas
● Matching typography
● Image treatments
● Creative mockups ( Your branding on a T-Shirt and car for example )
● Business card design
● Email signature

The benefit of getting your business branded locally by a design agency is a very personalised and intimate experience.

The process goes like this
You discuss with the designer team how you're positioning your brand, what value you offer your target market, and your brand personality. The designers will listen intently to your business goals and they will build a meaningful relationship with you. And the wonderful thing about meaningful relationships is this thing called 'trust'. And trust leads to loyalty and commitment.


Design agencies are created by experienced and educated graphic designer, marketers, IT nerds (love them), web developers and SEO experts - who frankly give a damn about you and your business.  They will wave their highly skilled magical wands, and create for you your perfect logo.


A logo that will truly represent the essence of your brands.


The big bonus here .... Design Agencies off unlimited revision to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your branding.


Why not check out THRIVE Design Agency on the Gold Coast. Ask to speak with Dean. Tell him we recommended you. They're awesome!


Create Your Own Logo

If you're /ˈbo͞otˌstrapping/ and can't afford to hire a professional designer, then why not create a high-resolution logo yourself .... literally in minutes .... for USD39.95  .....  Sounds pretty reasonable.

Or splash out on an unlimited subscription and create unlimited mockups, logo videos and more!  If the discount isn't valid when you're reading this, this is what you should do.  Sign up for free access and before long, you will receive an email from Placeit offering you a discount.  

There's a super cool online logo maker that you can use to create your own logo. It's called Placeit.

And it does exactly what the name implies.


Here's how it works: you create your own logo first, download it, and then you 'place it' on merchandising products, business cards, design templates and more in Placeit!!!


What we all love about Placeit is this - You don't have to hire a graphic designer or buy an expensive design software subscription. This is good news for business owners, yes?

Placeit offers a step-by-step, easy-to-use process for creating logos, product mockups and demo videos that require minimal time and absolutely no design or Photoshop skills.

There are over 8,000 designs you can apply to your logo (and I have a sneaky suspicion that graphic designers sometimes shortcut their design process for their clients by using Placeit).

Warning .... Placeit is addictive.


We want to get your business launched as cheaply and quickly as possible, so put your addictive nature aside for just a moment. With logo maker, you can create a professional and beautiful logo within minutes

The Cost

And of course it costs money.

This is what you'll get if you're a subscription member:

​Unlimited access to every feature in their:

  • Logo Maker

  • Video Maker

  • Design Templates

  • Product Mockup Generator

    • ​Placeit has 18,00 product mockups to choose from. Product mockups are merchandise templates that you place your logo and designs on. 

  • Live chat support​

With Placeit, you can use the thousands of templates to create slideshow videos, Instagram stories, Instagram videos, demos of new products, product and service overview videos and offers you want to promote, and a professional logo you can be proud to say you designed it yourself.  

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